Bonus Percentage

General description of the “Dynamic Bonus” promotion

“Dynamic Bonus” is a promotion program of MSCGroup Global. When you Deposit, you can get a bonus to your trading account from 10% - 25% of the deposit value. The “Dynamic Bonuses” promotion are calculated as Leverage to increase Margin Level so you can keep trades longer without worrying about stopout. 
And of course you can withdraw this bonus if you meet the Terms and Conditions below.

  • Conditions to participate in “Dynamic Bonus”

    Is a completely new registered account after the release date of Bonus.

    No Deposit history and Transaction history before activating Bonus.

    Not applicable to accounts that have participated in other Bonus programs.

    Not applicable for Additional accounts.

    Only applied funds deposited from payment gateways.

    Transferable money is not applicable.
Bonus only applies to the first deposit.


“Dynamic Bonus”

Step 1:

Sign up for a trading account using the link below

Step 2:

Verification of trading account

Step 3:

After verifying the account, Go back to the MSC homepage and send a message to Livechat with the content:


- First and last name:

- Registration Email:

- MT4 account number:

Bonuses will be activated from 5-15 minutes after the MSC team receives your information.

Bonus Withdrawal Rules

Lots Exchange
1 lot = 1$
Minimum Withdrawal
Maximum Withdrawal
Equal to the Bonus value

will be forfeited if the customer Withdraws during the “Dynamic Bonus” program.

Withdrawal Cases

1.Qualifying Lots = Bonus:

For example:

√ Deposit $500 : Bonus $50

√ Qualified Lots = Bonus => 50lots = $5

√ Customers will be able to withdraw: Current Balance + Bonus

• Valid Lots will apply according to the General Terms

2.Not eligible but want to withdraw:

√ Deposit $500 : Bonus $50

√ Current Trading Lots : 10 Lots = $10

√ When customer Withdraws, the Winning Bonus will be added to the Balance and the remaining Bonus will be forfeited.

• Valid Lots will apply according to the General Terms.


StopOut Credit 120%

• This rule will be based on the formula

In which, Equity is the customer's deposit + bonus and is displayed on the MT4 account.

For example:

√ Balance : 1000$

√ Credit (15%) : 150$

√ Equity : 1150$

√ StopOut 120% Credit : 150*120% = 180$

√ If the status orders are negative and Equity drops to 180$, then the system will process all the running orders and withdraw the bonus amount in the account.

Deposit Amount
From $100 to $500
From $501 to $1500
From $1501 to $3000
Highest Bonuses Can Get : $10.000

- sent to new customers opening trading accounts with MSCGroup Global, fully verified accounts.

is calculated as a leverage to increase the client's Margin Level to make it more convenient to maintain trading orders while losing.

Client can take advantage of bonus to increase Margin Level and cover loss, but cannot trade on this bonus amount or stop loss touching bonus amount.

The bonus will be forfeited if the client's loss position touches the

Active trades will be closed automatically if

can only be activated once in a customer account.

. The client is allowed to deposit more money into this Bonus account to maintain the status orders, but not receive the additional bonus..

. Customers who are participating in PAMM / MAMM will not be eligible for this Bonus.

. Referrers (IBS) will receive a commission when a customer participates in the

. The promotion is not applicable to accounts that have participated in other Bonus programs.

. Bonus is only for one account per customer, not counting other sub-accounts opened by that customer .

Bonus trading profits can be withdrawn when the following conditions are met:

12.1. Bonus withdrawal will be calculated according to the Lots formula

12.2. 1 Lots = 1$ and minimum withdrawal 10$

12.3. The Bonus Bonus will be forfeited if there is any sign of investor withdrawal and will be processed according to the in the Withdrawal Regulations©.

12.4. 12.4. Only standard lots that do not violate the prohibited trades section in item 14 are counted.

12.5. Like the Fan Page on facebook, share the post with your thoughts and comments on the post related to the program.

12.6. Provide full pictures and information to prove that the entire request has been completed, send it to support to execute a profit withdrawal order.

12.7. The maximum bonus withdrawal amount will be equal to the Bonus Value.

12.8. Bonus amount available within 90 days.

The maximum leverage for this Bonus is 1:500.

Prohibited transactions:

a. (2 reciprocal orders with the same product code).

b. (Orders under 180s will not be counted). c. Rate errors, Bots, Transfer Transactions or price error trading methods will be counted as fraud.

In the event of an eligible account being inactive or alleged to be in breach of trading behavior, will not be liable for any adverse impact on the client account upon termination and removal of the Bonus during the period. The client has an order to open a position.

This Bonus Program is governed by the terms and conditions of the Bonus and the terms and conditions of

By participating in the program Bonus of , customers have recognized you have read, understood and agree to be bound to the terms & conditions of the program Bonus is managed by the general terms & conditions of the company.

reserves the right to unilaterally block customer accounts suspected of fraud at any time without prior notice.