Company address: England and Wales Registration Number MSC: 13162440

It is important that you read and understand the contents of our terms and conditions before performing registration and account verification. You should seek professional advice if in doubt.


1. Agreement

This Customer Service Agreement contains the terms and conditions under which the customer (“You”) agrees to transact with MSC Group Global Co., Limited (“MSC”). This Agreement includes Terms and Conditions.

Opening an Account with MSC, you agree to be bound by this Agreement and the Terms and Conditions and acknowledge that you have read and fully understood this.

Agreement, Risk Disclosure Statement and Product Disclosure.


2. The service is provided to you

(a) MSC will give you the ability to solve the disparity contract ( "Contract") and other derivative products ( "Contract").

(b) MSC will provide you with an electronic platform (“Trading Platform”) for making transactions.

(c) MSC does not provide any financial or investment advice.

(d) The MSC may, from time to time, provide general information. None of this information should be taken as advice of any kind. MSC does not guarantee the accuracy of any information or recommendations provided to you or guarantee the value of any transaction. You must evaluate the accuracy of the information provided to you and decide if the information, recommendations or opinions are useful and relevant to you.


3. Your account

(a) You warrant that the information provided in the account application is true and correct and that you will notify MSC of any changes.

(b) When two or more persons are account holders, they shall be jointly liable for the obligations of the Account.

(c) Any instructions given to us by any person shall be deemed sufficient for action to be taken and MSC has no obligation to notify any other person.

(d) A person's default will be deemed a default of the Account.

(e) Any instructions given by Authorized Persons or Attorneys shall be deemed to have been given by you. MSC may also make information available to any Authorized Person or Attorney and this will be deemed to have been given to you.


4. Trading Risks

(a) The risk of all transactions is borne by you.

(b) MSC will not be liable for any loss or expense suffered by you as a result of any information MSC may have provided to you.

(c) For transactions executed at rates outside the prevailing market, MSC reserves the right to invalidate transactions or adjust them to prevailing market prices. All losses will be borne by you and profits accrued to you.


5. Deposit required

(a) MSC requires that your account have sufficient Collateral to act as Margin before you can establish a position. MSC only accepts funds in the form of funds that have been paid by electronic transfer as Collateral. Your liability is not limited to the amount of the Margin you have in your account.

(b) MSC reserves the right to determine the amount of the Deposit required without prior notice or notice to you. The new requirement may apply to existing and new Positions.

(c) You should maintain a sufficient margin and be contactable at all times. Your Account's Margin Level is clearly stated on your trading platform. You agree that

Electronic trading carries the risk that you will not be able to access your Account at all and this may affect your ability to access your margin.

(d) MSC is under no obligation to notify you of your margin level or make a margin call to you at any time.


6. Stop closing positions

(a) Some or all of your positions may be closed if your equity reaches the Stop Level Level. MSC has the sole discretion to decide which Positions to close.

(b) There is no guarantee that the Positions will be closed at the prevailing price at the time when the stop is triggered. Your Account may be in deficit after your Positions have been stopped.

(c) If your account has a deficit, you are obligated to pay MSC to eliminate the shortfall.

(d) MSC is under no obligation to allow you time to transfer additional funds to satisfy Margin Calls.

However, from time to time, MSC may at its discretion allow you time to meet

request or delay the closing of your Positions.


7. Coping Guide

(a) MSC will not be liable for any loss or expense incurred where reasonable instructional action could be deemed to have come from you even though the instruction had not come from you.

(b) You may change your phone password at any time by notifying us in writing.

(c) You may change the Authorized Person at any time by notifying us in writing.

(d) It is your responsibility to ensure that your account information is kept confidential and

always safe. You are responsible for all information MSC sends to you and all transactions conducted in your Account. MSC does not have to establish anyone's identity using the Account when you transact electronically.

(e) MSC will endeavor to fulfill your orders to the best of its ability. However, sometimes, the price at which the order is executed may differ from that in the order. This is called "Slippage". MSC does not guarantee that orders will be executed at the price set in the order.


8. Phone recording

(a) All conversations are recorded.

(b) You consent to the recording of your conversations with MSC

(c) You agree that these recordings may be used as evidence in any factual outcome or dispute between you and MSC.

(d) You agree that these logs may be made available to any organization as part of an investigation or audit including but not limited to anti-money laundering or anti-funding terrorism.


9. Compensation by fax and phone

(a) You agree that MSC may accept instructions by telephone or fax but is not obligated to accept them.

(b) MSC shall not be liable for any loss or expense incurred as a result of its actions in accordance with the instructions which may be fraudulent, unauthorized or forged. You agree to indemnify MSC from all damages resulting from such instructions.

(c) It is your responsibility to ensure that fraudulent, unauthorized or fraudulent instructions are not provided to MSC and to notify MSC immediately in the event of such occurrence.

(d) You agree that any interest derived from escrow accounts belongs to MSC.


10. Movement of funds

(a) The third party will not accept payment of money in or out of the third party. All funds paid into your account at MSC must be from your account and all funds paid to you must be in your account.

(b) MSC reserves the right to refuse any payment.

(c) MSC will not be responsible or liable for any loss or expense incurred directly or indirectly by you or any other party as a result of not accepting funds.

(d) MSC will not be responsible or liable for any loss resulting from the termination of positions due to failure to accept funding for the purpose of margin funding required.

(e) Some payments may be subject to withholding fees or other forms of expenses or deductions. The final amount received by the MSC may be less than the initial deposit or what you expect. The MSC is the recipient and has no control over the amount of the deductions. You should be aware of such deductions and ensure that the funds to be received at MSC will be in sufficient quantity. This is especially important if the fund is to meet margin requirements.

(f) While MSC will endeavor to credit your account with the amount received as soon as practicable, this may not be possible if funds are received during office hours when an investigation is required. to determine the origin or ownership of funds or when the amount received is disputed. The customer must ensure that funds deposited with MSC are clearly settled funds, from a lawful source and are not subject to any manipulation.

(g) It is your responsibility to ensure that the instructions for payment in full are accurate, clear and sufficient. MSC does not accept any loss or expense incurred as a result of incorrect or insufficient information provided by you.

(h) MSC may withhold payments if

(i) Need to meet legal or regulatory obligations

(ii) Your position requires withholding of funds to be at the disadvantage of a possible movement in your equity value.

(iii) There is an unresolved dispute between You and MSC.

(iv) You have unpaid or implied liability to MSC.

(i) The amount you receive may be less than the amount transferred due to costs and fees.

11. Order Confirmation, Transaction, Confirmation Information and Proof of Communication.

(a) All your orders and transactions are executed and displayed on the Trading Platform and are easily accessible during the time the system is open for your use. This is the existence of information and their readily accessible availability that fulfills the MSC's obligation to confirm your orders and trades and is proof that the MSC has communicated the information to you. Any discrepancies must be reported to the MSC within 24 hours.

(b) MSC may contact you in a variety of ways and this may include:

(i) By posting on the Trading Platform.

(ii) By posting on its website.

(iii) By emailing you.

(iv) By communicating with you through social media or chat apps.

(v) In writing.

(vi) By word of mouth.

Any form of communication not made above shall be deemed to be that the MSC has fulfilled its obligation to communicate with you. In connection with Section 68 of the Financial Market Conduct Regulations 2014, you agree that a request for confirmation of information may be provided to you through the Trading Platform or electronically on an ongoing basis. basic.


12. Right to refuse the transaction or transactions of the MSC

(a) MSC reserves the right to refuse orders placed, transacted with or on your behalf. MSC may also reduce your positions or limit the types of orders you can place. Such refusal shall not prejudice any other rights of MSC in this Agreement.

(b) Transactions that are shorter than 2 minutes will not be approved by the Liquidity Providers (LPs). They will be rejected and any resulting profits from High Frequency Trading, Arbitrage, or Scalping will not be honored or reimbursed.

(c) Strategies to exploit pricing errors are unacceptable. Commercial activity designed to disrupt MSC services, deny others its services, or negatively affect the operation of MSC systems is also not tolerated. Actions MSC may take include, but are not limited to:

(i) Restrict your access to the Trading Platform or part of MSC.

(ii) Expanding the Spread is available to you.

(iii) Disable any abusive transactions and modify your Account.

(iv) Recover any profits resulting from abusive trading.

(v) Termination of this Agreement.


13. Trading rights of MSC

(a) You agree that MSC, its employees, directors or individuals or entities affiliated with MSC may trade or trade on their own account by selling or buying Contracts to or from you.

(b) MSC may reverse your transaction.


14.Fees and Charges.

(a) MSC's fees and charges are listed on the MSC's website and are subject to change from time to time.

Changes will be updated on the website and notified to you.

(b) You agree to pay:

(i) All spreads relating to your trade.

(ii) All rotation (swap) fees associated with your Positions.

(ii) All expenses incurred in the receipt and payment of capital.

(iv) All commissions incurred in the Contract transaction or any service provided by MSC.

(v) All account maintenance fees.

(vi) All interest due on your Account as a result of the Account being overdrawn or due to any debt owed to MSC. The MSC may add a higher percentage charged by its creditors in the calculation of the interest amount. The percentage is at the discretion of the MSC.

(vii) All fees associated with your account.


15. Close or No Position

MSC reserves the absolute right to close any Position or cancel any transaction in which we are in dispute with you or in breach of these Terms and Conditions.


16. Account suspension

MSC may suspend your account if it believes the following has occurred:

(a) You have failed to display or MSC believes that you have failed to demonstrate adequate knowledge or understanding of the risks involved in trading derivatives or Contracts offered by MSC.

(b) There is a threat or reason to believe there is a threat to your Account.

(c) When circumstances may arise where MSC considers a suspension necessary to

investigate the situation.

(d) When you are still, after a period of 10 business days, unreachable or have not responded to MSC despite their attempts to contact you.

(e) If your Account remains inactive for a period of time.

(f) If you engage in abusive or bullying behavior towards any employee, Director, agent or any person affiliated with MSC.


17. Set - disable Permissions

MSC can and without notice will do the following or set off to meet your liability to MSC.

(a) Combine all your Accounts.

(b) Settle any amount as unpaid credit to you.


18. Case of force majeure

MSC will not be responsible for and will not be in breach of this Agreement or liable to you for any loss or expense incurred as a result of any incident, incident or event beyond MSC's reasonable control. Such incidents may occur but are not limited to Internet, MSC system failure, electronic communication failure, labor dispute, power failure, earthquake, act of God, flood, war or act of government.


19. Stop providing contracts

(a) MSC may discontinue or discontinue the provision of the Contract at any time and shall notify you of the date (Termination Date) on which the Contract shall cease to be provided.

(b) If the contract is no longer available, you agree that you will close any Positions you may have in the Contract by the Ceasefire Date and if this is not done, MSC will terminate the Contract at a price at your discretion.


20. Indemnify & Penalties

(a) Accounts in violation of the policy outlined in Article 12 will be subject to penalties in the form of account suspension for a period of 6 months to 1 year, with a refund issued after that period if there are no disputes or any actions that harm the brand's reputation.

(b) You agree not to claim MSC and fully indemnify MSC for any liability, costs or damages that you may incur against MSC in connection with or due to:

(i) Any action taken by the MSC as a result of the Default Event.

(ii) You breach this Agreement.

(iii) Any false or misleading information or any information or instructions provided to us who it appears to be from an Authorized Person.

(iv) Unauthorized use of the Account.

(v) Damages caused by malware.

(vi) The system is down or the communication system is faulty.

(vii) You cannot access MSC services or MSC cannot provide you with services.

The above indemnification must be made continuously and shall cover liabilities which may be past, present, future or incidental. This indemnity shall survive termination of this Agreement or any transaction under this Agreement.

21.Default event

21.1 What is the default event?

The events listed below will be treated as Default Events.

(a) You have breached any of the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

(b) You have provided MSC with false or misleading information.

(c) You have made unusual transactions, which may harm MSC or may

violate this Agreement.

(d) You have passed away or your mind is unstable.

(e) You fail to provide sufficient Margin or increase the Margin when requested.

(f) You do not pay MSC any fees or charges upon request.

(g) You become bankrupt due to insolvency.

(h) You use the Account or MSC believes that you use the Account to engage in or support illegal activities.

(i) You or any Authorized Person becomes a Politically Exposed Person (PEP).

(j) MSC considers it prudent to close an Account due to regulatory requirements.

(k) MSC is required by law to close the Account.


21.2 Steps MSC can take in the event of a Default Event

(a) Termination of this Agreement.

(b) Request payment of the amount you owe to MSC.

(c) Reject orders to open new Positions.

(d) Close all or some of the Positions.

(e) Exercise the Set-Off right.

(f) Combination of your Accounts.

(g) Prohibit your withdrawal or limit the withdrawal amount.

(h) Withhold any funds you have to deal with any irregularities

(i) Make a new Margin request.


22. Authorization

(a) Your rights in the Agreement shall not be transferred or delegated to any person without the approval of MSC.

(b) All Collateral deposited by you shall not incur any fees, change in charging or create a security interest.

(c) Without prejudice to Section 21(a) above, MSC may assign or delegate its rights under this Agreement to any person or entity.

(d) MSC may disclose to a potential assignee any information in our relationship.


23. Modifying and Terminating

(a) This Agreement may be amended by MSC at any time. MSC will notify you in writing.

The most current version of the Agreement will be available on the MSC website and the latest version will be the governing document relating to your relationship with MSC.

(b) If you object to the amendments, you must notify the MSC within 14 days of the notification of the amendment. Otherwise, you have agreed to the modification. If you have notified MSC of your objection within the allotted time, the amendment will not apply to you. In this case, your Account may be closed or suspended pending the resolution of this matter.


24. Termination

(a) MSC may terminate this Agreement and close the Account by giving 30 days' notice.

(b) You may terminate this Agreement and close the account by giving MSC a written notice. All Positions must be closed and all responsibilities and obligations to the MSC. MSC will attempt to close the Account within a reasonable period of time.

(c) When MSC or you give notice of termination, MSC reserves the right not to allow a new position.


25. Acknowledgments, warranties and undertakings

You warrant that in all aspects of your relationship with MSC, that:

(a) All information provided to MSC is true, correct and not misleading.

(b) You will comply with all applicable laws.

(c) You may legally and not be subject to any constraints that make you unable

enter into this Agreement.

(d) You have obtained all necessary consents to enter into this Agreement.

(e) Your affairs and assets are not subject to any liquidation proceedings.

(f) You are not bankrupt or insolvent.

(g) Your opening of this account is in full compliance with your employer's rules and regulations.

(h) By accepting the terms of this customer agreement, you agree that you will contract with MSC Group Global Co., Limited located in the United Kingdom and Wales.


· MSC means MSC Group Global Co., Limited.

· Account Means the account the customer has with MSC.

· Account Application means the Account Application Section herein.

· Agreement means this Customer Service Agreement or any updated version of MSC.

· Attorney Means a lawyer or any person authorized by law to perform the duties of an attorney.

· Authorized person means a person authorized to act on behalf of the customer.

· Termination Date means the date on which the Agreement will be terminated.

· Collateral Means assets assigned to MSC for escrow purposes.

· Contract Means product supplied by MSC.

· Default Event Means an event that is deemed to be the default event for the purposes of this Agreement and described in Section 22.

· Joint Account means an Account with more than one owner.

· Margin Means the amount required for opening a Position.

· Margin Call Means the amount that needs to be added to your existing equity to enable a Position to be held. Also means communicating with the client requires the client to make additional margin to enable the position to be held.

· PEP stands for Politically Exposed Person as defined in the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Terrorism Financing Act 2009.

· Position Means the remaining amount of a closed Contract in an Account.

· Spread means the difference between the contract's bid and ask price.

· Stop Level Means the level at which some or all Positions will be closed.

· Terms and Conditions Means the terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement.

· Trading Platform Means the electronic platform that the Client uses to transact in the Contract.

· You mean the customer or partner of MSC in the Contract.